Iced Tea –

Perhaps it due to a “writer’s mind” that I frequently find myself contemplating things as simple as an icy, summer beverage. Or does everyone sit and sip their iced tea, with the thought, “I could write a blog entry about this…”?

Anyway, last weekend my brothers and I scraped together some pocket change to purchase a few iced teas. We sat in the sun at a nearby picnic table and these are the thoughts that were rolling around in my mind:

Iced tea – amazingly enough – is rather similar to suffering. Now hold on just a minute… hear me out; I’ve not gone completely crazy (yet). You see, while there’s something cool and refreshing to be found in the aftertaste of iced tea, first you must endure the momentary bitterness at the start. In the same way, at the onset of trials and suffering, we’re often met with a bitter reality that’s rather hard to swallow. But in the end – if we allow the Lord to work through our suffering and to teach us the lessons He has for us – we can move forward, refreshed in our faith and encouraged in our walk with Him.

Of course, the bitterness of suffering lasts far longer than that found in a gulp of iced tea. But my point is this: we have a tendency to get so caught up in the bitterness at the start, that we completely miss that aftertaste. When – in truth – the purpose of enduring the bitterness is to grow us spiritually and to glorify our Father in Heaven. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet aftertaste, wouldn’t you?

What are your thoughts on this?
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-Rachel Allison


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