What’s A Timely Tidbit? –

Something about that makes me think dog food… yet somehow I think it’s a fitting name. Mostly because these things are going to be quick (short and sweet, I suppose you could say) and if I call them timely tidbits, I’ll be reminded to keep them so. Of course, I should probably tell you what these timely tidbits are actually about.

So What Is It?
You know that bit of text that lives right at the top of the homepage’s sidebar and is titled, “Quote of the Week”? You see, every week I put a quote in that spot; a quote about anything that’s been on my mind lately or perhaps just a random blurb that I found from one of my favorite people. However, that blurb doesn’t usually match what I write about that week (if I even get a chance to write that week). And so, these Timely Tidbits are dedicated to sharing a few of my thoughts on the quote that I select each week. Whether it be a scripture verse, song lyric, or my own brief commentary, this short post will be a weekly word about your already-weekly quote.

So when you see the logo above, you’ll know it’s a Timely Tidbit (you will also know it’ll be a shorter post… as if that should really make a difference 😉

Timely Tidbits Posted As Of 02-29-12:
Why Do I Forget?
Lest Anyone Should Boast
Proverbial Pruning
Dead In Sin
Just A Sinner Saved By Grace
Patience Is A Virtue
I Refuse
Submitting To God’s Authority
A Heart For Worship?
The Truth Hurts
We’re Not The Omniscient Ones
You Can’t Take It With You
Evidence Of Christ
A Future Only He Can See
I Am New
His Grace Is Sufficient For Every Day
Learning From Trees

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