Abortion: What’s Your Opinion?

I just finished watching “180” by Ray Comfort. If you have never seen this, I strongly recommend it to you – regardless of where you stand on the subject of abortion.

Here’s a brief overview:
Ray Comfort begins this 33 minute video with a close look at the Holocaust and the horrors associated with it. Through insightful questions, Comfort discovers the many views and opinions mingled with the memories of that well-known tragedy. Not everyone holds those memories however, as several of the interviewees seemed to have no idea who Hitler even was. You may find some responses sadly comical.
After a great deal of questioning regarding Hitler and the Holocaust, Comfort asks, “So would you say you value human life?” Many responded with a resounding “yes.” With that in mind, he began to question them regarding their views of abortion. Comfort asked many questions, including, “When does it become a life?” and “Finish this sentence: It is okay to murder a child in the womb when…” The responses varied.
In the end, Comfort displayed the drastic change that is sure to take place when we take a moment to study things from a different perspective.
After more interviewing and a clear presentation of the gospel, Comfort wraps up with a few suggestions and a challenge to get involved in opposing abortion.

So what are your views on abortion? What did you think of 180? Leave your comment below. However, I will ask that you don’t comment unless you’ve watched the movie now or previously – just so we’re all starting from the same page so to speak. 🙂 Thanks!

-Rachel Allison 


  1. Joanna Abraham says:

    I watched this video several days ago. I wholeheartedly agree that abortion is wrong and we should be defending the life of the unborn, regardless of the circumstances. And it’s interesting the way he draws the parallels between the Holocaust and abortion. (I also love the Australian accent:)) But it kind of assumes the very thing the “pro-choice” people don’t believe–that what is inside the womb is human. All the people Ray Comfort interviewed at least thought it was possible an unborn child is human. But what if someone is already thoroughly convinced that an unborn child is just a blob of cells?

  2. I watched 180 quite some time ago and it is great! What a ministry he has! I have been thinking on the subject of abortion lately…. Thinking on the double standard of our nation. How it is unacceptable by many for a pregnant mother to drink alcohol, or even smoke cigarettes, yet the same individuals stand firm that it is her right to choose death for her baby. This makes no sense to me. I’ve also considered the fact that we have lost our right to choose whether or not we want to wear seatbelts in the car, whether or not we think it necessary for our children to wear helmets when riding their bikes, or even to drive a car and talk on the cell phone (here in Oregon anyway). Now, I’m not saying any of those laws should necessarily be changed, just that these “morals” are mindboggling. I’m just not sure what else to say about this….

    • What else can we say? We live in a fallen world, ruled by fallen people… it should be no surprise, and yet it is. The best thing we can do is pray and share the gospel – not just through our words, but through our actions as well. Thanks for reading, Stephanie! 🙂

  3. AudreyS says:

    Allie, I’m looking forward to watching 180. I’ve always wanted to know what ways I could defend myself and make people realize abortion is wrong, but all i could think of was, “you’re murdering your baby!” Now I think this puts a little bit of a different perspective on it. Thanks for posting this! : )

  4. Jamiessmiles says:

    Sorry, I do not fall for the heart grab. I believe in abortion free and on demand. Human rights begin when the human in question is not impugning on another’s rights by being. I do not believe a woman should be a slave to her reproductive system. I do not believe in shaming or using nasty language to make a point. If you can’t make that point without theatrics, then it’s not much of a point.

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion, Jamiessmiles:) Did you take a look at the video I linked to at all? Just wondering(:
      You said: “Human rights begin when the human in question is not impugning on another’s rights by being.”
      So I suppose then if I were living in your home, eating your food, and using your resources for my personal living, then it would be okay for you to kill me, right? After all, I’m impugning on your right to use your possessions for whatever purpose you desire.

      • Jamiessmiles says:

        That is not impugning my rights. I would have a right to evict a room mate who was not wanted. The fact is pregnancy is not just “living” with someone for nine months. In order to have a healthy baby women give up drinking, smoking, drugs, type of foods. They gain weight and open themselves up for medical issues. To simply put is as “oh so you murder anyone who inconveniences you” not only belittles those women who have made these heavy decisions (those who did and did not abort) but really makes the anti abortion side look petty and short sighted.

          • Would it be moral to make plans for me to live with someone who you knew could give me a “coat” once you “evicted” me? I see no problem with adoption. If you cannot care for a child, then give it up for adoption. Allowing someone else to rear it is fine.
            But killing it because it is an inconvenience to your life style (huge inconvenience or not) is morally wrong and that’s all there is to it.

          • Jamiessmiles says:

            Sorry, if you did not get my point earlier…. comparing women who are pregnant with an annoying roommate is NOT the same thing, so I will not continue to compare watermellon and cherries. It belittles the position women with unwanted pregnancies find themselves in.

    • Jamie, the subject of this post is the 180 movie. As you refuse to watch the movie, this discussion does not pertain to the post. If you would like to continue a debate on the topic of abortion, please do so on the BlogCatalog thread. Any continuation of this discussion on this site will be deleted.
      On top of that, I would love to continue this debate, but only if you keep your responses (and I will do the same with mine) inside the rules of basic civility.

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