Patience Is A Virtue –

“Some of your greatest blessings come with patience.” -Warren Wiersbe

Patience is a virtue and has it’s reward. I can’t recall how many times my mother has recited this to me as I fretted impatiently over one thing or another. Of course, I really would love to be patient, but I don’t really want to wait for it. You know what it’s like. I want to be patient right now! (I sincerely hope you see the irony in that statement). But alas, a sudden endowment of long-suffering is not to be. Patience is something that, while it has its reward, is learned best through lengthy and difficult trials; trials that challenge us and – though we’re blessed in the end – often find us asking, “How long?”

How Long?
There’s a million things in life
That I don’t understand
But I know there is a reason
And I trust there is a plan.

I’ve tried and tried to follow You
I’ve struggled through this all
How long, oh LORD, must I endure?
When will the rain not fall?

At times it seems as though I’m here
Standing all alone
Wishing to find solace
In the comfort of Your throne.

How long, oh LORD, must I endure?
The sorrows seem to deepen
The grief is gripping at my heart
And fear has left me frozen.

Don’t you see Your servant as
The tears flow from my eyes?
Consider me, oh LORD, my God
And hearken to my cries.

Please don’t let these troubles here
Crush me in my weakness
Now I realize, all along
It’s I that have been faithless

You never moved away from me
You’ve been here all along
If only I had stayed by You
Here, where I belong.

I’m trusting in Your mercy now
I still don’t see the end
But I recall Your faithfulness
On You, I will depend

My heart has shed away it’s grief
Through You I rise once more
I’ll raise my voice in praise to You
You only, I’ll adore.

And with the strength that You provide
I’ll make it through this day
I’ll be the willing vessel
As You mold this stubborn clay.

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-Rachel Allison


  1. Amanda Beth says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful! I remember studying a message on patience one time and having to go back and read it again because I rushed through it.
    Great post! Thanks for the reminder. God bless you:)

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