Submitting To God’s Authority –

“We either accept God’s authority or we do not, and not to do so is sin.” -John Frame

Authority in itself never seems to be an easy concept for us to accept – unless of course it’s our own authority that we’re speaking of (funny how that works, huh?). You see, there’s something about submitting to authority that tugs uncomfortably at our own human nature. And so, perhaps we can accept the love of God with an open heart, but when it comes to something as demanding as His authority… well, lets just say we’re all a little too apt to justify our stubbornness (guilty!). But the truth of the matter is, living our lives in rejection of God’s authority is sin. And – believe it or not – rejecting the authority of parents, government, ect. is sin as well. Because God, in His authority, commands that we honor parents and respect government as well.

With that said, I’ll simply say that anytime we reject a biblical characteristic of God, we are in sin. God is not whoever we want Him to be; He is who He is whether we’re willing to accept it or not.

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-Rachel Allison


  1. says:

    I am reminded of this as I hear other believers complain about governing authorities! All I can say is God have mercy on them because His word declares that anyone who refuses this truth brings judgement on there own live

  2. Alison says:

    On point! We water down some things when it suits us, and God’s authority is a prime example. Thanks for the reminder that He is God… of all things.

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