The Truth Hurts –

“Truth is not always popular, but it’s always right.” -Unknown

On my About The Author page, I give you guys warning that the things I post may just step on your toes:

I cannot promise that I won’t step on your toes. Only know that I’m often stepping on my own at the same time. It is my goal that this blog will both encourage and grow the Christian to better serve our Savior and often this cannot be done without pricking a little at our own selves.

You see, whoever coined the phrase, “The truth hurts.” was pretty smart. The truth does hurt, and therefore it isn’t always the most popular thing. But truth is important. As painful as reality may be at times, we cannot escape the fact that we live in it.

And you know, it isn’t until we come to terms with the truth of who we are that we can finally come to the realization of just how good God is. Of course, admitting who we truly are minus Christ is difficult for us, because the truth of the matter is, we’re lost and hopeless sinners without Him. But the beauty of it all is that the darkness of our sin makes the sparkle of His forgiveness that much more radiant.

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