Boys Have Hollow Legs –

Growing up the only girl out of three children has definitely taught me a lot. While I always tried to keep up with my brothers in everything they did (climbing trees, splitting wood, playing paintball, ect.), I learned after a while that they would always beat me when it came to eating and, thankfully, I came to terms with that at a young age.

Since then, I’ve learned that practically every guy has a hollow leg and I’ve become pretty familiar with the phrase, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” But you know, maybe – just maybe – I can learn something from this seemingly unquenchable appetite. After all, what do you suppose would happen if I felt the same way about the words of my Lord?

What if I indulged myself to two helpings of the scripture in one meal? How about three? What if I savored each word? What would my life be like if I looked at the Bible with wide eyes and a stomach crying to be satisfied?

Because you see, when it comes to God’s Word, I seem to think that one small meal a day will keep me energized and ready to go. You know how it is. “I’ve read my daily chapter, now I can check that off of my to-do list.” And yet, Job tells us that he cherishes the words of God more than his necessary food¹. Not just food, but necessary food.

We need food to survive. Like a car, if we don’t fill up, we won’t get very far. But what about our need for God’s Word? Without the Bible, what do our lives look like? The gospel reveals the glory of God and who He is, but how can we serve God if we barely know Him? The gospel also reveals who we are (helpless sinners in need of Savior) and what Christ has done to redeem us. But perhaps we’re not so eager to discover the truth of our condition.

Worst of all, we take these precious Words for granted. We have the scriptures so available to us, that we no longer see the value within it; it’s simply a “great” book that “every Christian should own.” But the Bible belongs in a much higher category.

What other book can take the place of necessary food? What other book can truthfully claim to be the inspired words of God? What other book paints such a full picture of the Lord we serve?

Why Are We Starving Ourselves? –
If we are God’s people then why do we settle for such small portions of His Word? Why don’t we look at the Bible like a young man looks at food? Where is our hunger for the words of our Savior? Where is our delight in these words? Why don’t we savor their taste?

And so, if guys have hollow legs for food, then I want a hollow leg for the scripture. I want a hunger for the Word that will keep me coming back. I no longer want to look at that Book and think, “Naahhh… I got my fill for today.”

¹Job 23:12


  1. Joy S. says:

    It’s still me, Joy, just with an initial at the end. =)

    Oh Rachel, this is such a beautiful place the Lord has you. I am so grateful and so encouraged by all that He’s teaching you. If you ask me, unless we are at this place – where the Word and prayer are not a thing we do everyday but the very food we live by, the very breath we breathe – we can neither be truly devoted to God nor truly useful for Him. Time with Him is not a discipline: it’s a way of life.

    May blessings abound on your head as you continue on this exciting path the Lord has taken you. I know you will not be disappointed, and He will use you for great purposes because of how He’s teaching your heart.

    • I agree, Joy. If we are truly devoted to Him, we will hunger for His words. It’s a lifestyle – something that defines us as Christians. Sadly, we are still human and we do stumble, so we won’t always have this important desire for the scriptures… but when we do allow ourselves to stumble, He is still faithful and forgiving and I am so thankful for that! What an awesome God we serve!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Audrey says:

    Wow, Rachel – powerful words, and very convicting. I am amazed at the insight God gives you at such a young age! Oh Lord, let us hunger for your Word and your Righteousness.

  3. Alison says:

    Wow! Straight talk, Rachel, and powerful. I, too, want a hollow leg for scripture. Let’s pray for us all to have that desire to be filled by it even more than our necessary food!

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