Learning From Trees –

“The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut that stood its ground” -Fortune Cookie

I don’t know what stands out to me most about this quote; it’s one I’ve always liked.

First off, it reminds me that growing takes time and work. Just like a newborn, we don’t begin this spiritual walk strong and knowledgeable. And even as we grow, we’re prone to toddle a little. But parents don’t expect their child to stand up and walk the first time they try and God doesn’t expect us to do our growing all in one day either. While it’s important to be constantly striving to strengthen our walk, we cannot expect to never stumble. The important thing is that we don’t allow this stumbling to discourage us into giving up. Instead we must learn from our falls and move forward, knowing that His grace is sufficient for every day.

The other thing that stands out is the word nut. I guess this just reminds me that people won’t always understand the goal that we’re striving after or the way that we travel this road. In fact, they may think we’re completely crazy. The question is, are we willing to press forward in the face of ridicule? Will we – like Noah building the ark – trust what God says, even when we’re misunderstood and mocked for it?

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