Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup –

“I’ve got a hundred metaphors and if I had a million more, I could never ever seem to sum this up. Besides, how can some melody communicate eternity? It’s like trying to fit the ocean in a cup.” -Josh Wilson, 3 Minute Song

I love this song. It always reminds me of just how great a God I serve. Where my understanding trails off, His glory continues greater than I could even imagine, let alone explain.

Try as we might to fully understand our God, we must realize our own, limited capacity to understand these things. A good example is this quote from a previous blog post:

“It’s a beautifully, sunny day at the beach. The ocean breeze is running through his sandy, blonde hair as the little boy digs with his shovel. In a short time, he’s made a small hole and jumps up, taking hold of his bucket and running to the shore. One scoop and his pail is brimming as he tugs it back to the little hole and empties its salty contents. The sand drinks in the water and soon there’s nothing but damp ground, but that doesn’t discourage him. Another trip down to the shore, another trip back, and another pail emptied into the thirsty hole.

We smile at this story, perhaps, but we’re not so very different. When we try to understand every little thing about God, we might as well be trying to fit the whole ocean in that little, bitty hole.”

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