Loving Intolerance {Shared Post} –

This is a post from my brother, Justin, over at One-Sixteen. I found it very intriguing and convicting.

Loving Intolerance –
The idea for this post first showed up my senior year of high school during basketball season. My team practiced in the gym of an old school where motivational posters and “Go Mustangs!” banners still plastered the walls. One practice I somehow managed to hyper-extend my ankle, so I spent the rest of that night sitting on the sidelines with my foot elevated. Here is where I would like to say that I kept my focus on my teammates and what our coach was having them do, but I didn’t. My mind was alternating between the pain in my ankle, what was happening on the court, and those banners and posters.
On the wall above me was a banner covered in all sorts of those values that adults are always trying to instill in their kids. I can’t recall any of the values now, except the one that caught my eye at the time and pushed my thought process toward this topic: tolerance. Being a home schooled evangelical, some might call my idea of the “great” values a little antiquated, but I would not put tolerance on the list. On the other hand, one value that I would put at, or at the very least near, the top of the list was absent: love. Not the ushy-gushy emotional kind of love, but the kind of love that causes a person to sacrifice his desires, needs, and even life for another… Continue Reading ——>

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