A Post I Never Thought I’d Write…


Blessings. Do they try to be inconspicuous, or do we just have a natural inability to see them when they’re right in front of us? I’m afraid it seems to be the latter.

What is it about the way that we look at things that keeps us from seeing the blessings? It seems to me we should instinctively look for the blessings in things. But alas, we do not and it is often only once those blessings are far away that we realize their true nature and the impact they hold on our lives.

At least, that’s how it is with my brothers right now. This year I’m officially an only child. Well… an only child in the sense that I’m the only child still at home now that both my brothers are settled at college.

Somehow these brothers went from being “intolerable” annoyances to loving support systems. Somehow we went from constant bickering to being the best of friends. People told me it would happen, but I didn’t believe it.

These are the boys that refused to let me lay my head on their shoulder during long, tiring drives. Now they let me wrap my arms around them with an affectionate hug.

Now they tell me I’m beautiful. Just the thought of saying that to me before would have made them cringe their boyish faces.

I come to them with questions, eager for their outlook. I talk to them of faith and God and our Christian walk. They surprise me by leaving me little Bible verses and sending me songs to encourage me. They pray for me. They even tell me they love me.

They are the big brothers I’ve always wanted. And perhaps they have not gotten so far that this post will not embarrass them a bit or make them say, “Oh please….” But that’s what happens when your sister is a writer and you make that big of an impression on her heart.

Why is it that I didn’t see these blessings until they moved away? I really wish I would have, but I’m glad I see them now. I guess it’s just all part of growing up. And it’s a good part.

A Changed Perspective –
So now I have a changed perspective. I see other siblings bickering and I laugh silently to myself. The things they argue over seem so trivial, but I know without a doubt that my brothers and I have argued over things just as silly. How important those arguments seemed.

But most of all, it serves to remind me of the numerous blessings in my life and how many are there without me evening taking note of them. When it comes to blessings, I just tend to have poor eyesight. But God is still good nonetheless and showers me with blessings, even as I continually fail to see them. What an awesome God we serve!


  1. Michele says:

    Very sweet!! I pray that someday my kids will love each other…lol. Not so right now 😉 As I sit and listen to Josh and Hannah bicker with each other. Someday…someday…

  2. Dan Bonser says:

    Most people overlook blessings and take everything for granted. Its just how this existence is. And its a shame. But then some people just see blessings where others can’t. I’ve always been amazed at beauty and blessings and where people find them, I think it shows where and what religion they’ve found in their lives.

  3. Yes, the blessings are all around us. When we can’t see them, it’s because we’re too busy thinking about ourselves. How wonderful, Allison, that you and your brothers can finally “see” each other.

  4. Well, ‘you never know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ and ‘a prophet is without honour in his own home’ if you know what I mean.

    Sometimes people look for positive blessings. So when you ask for something and you don’t get it, you immediately don’t see that as a blessing. What you didn’t realise is that maybe if you had got that particular blessing, it would have turned out to be a curse to you.

    Nice Post.

    • We have such a small perspective. So often the things we think would be best turn out to be the worst in the long run. It is always helpful to keep in mind that we have such a small view… perhaps that is the best thing to remember for helping us to see blessings in disguise.

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