1. Dan Bonser says:

    Really cute use of the the lights behind the cup. Gives it such a great feel.

    On the constructive criticism part, the first pic I feel is too dark, it feels cold and lifeless. On the 2nd pic…I love the concept, but I’d have to say its a bit too dark as well. It almost feels warm and cozy, but…the best way to point it out is the reds, they look like they want to be vibrant, but they are subdued. All in all, I love the concepts on all 3, and love the creative angles that really bring out something special in each shot!

    • Thank you, Dan. 🙂

      It is possible that these look darker on your screen than on mine. While I like the way it appears on my screen, if I look at these pictures on my dad’s monitor, they are much too dark. However, it is also possible that your screen is much like mine and in that case I can see that these are a tad dark. I had my exposer down considerably low to show that it was dim in the room and the lights from the decor were what was lighting everything. I wanted that to come across.
      The first one, I went back and forth on a warmer tone or a cooler one. In fact, I have it saved with both. I personally like the cooler tone, while my mom likes the warmer one. In fact, I shared both photos side by side with several of my photographer friends and asked their opinion and many (though not all) liked the cooler one better. In the end, it just seems to be a matter of taste, I think.

      Anyway, thank you for your constructive critisism! I do appreciate it. 🙂

      • Dan Bonser says:

        It always is a matter of taste, I fully agree. And yeah, I run a two monitor setup, so I understand about it looking different on different screens. My photos almost always appear darker for everyone else than they do on my main monitor, but my 2nd monitor is darker, so I make sure it looks good in it first, hehe. In the end, I always take my pictures dark, because its easier to add light and detail in Lightroom later.

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