Little Things That Put A Smile On My Face –

I got this idea from a fellow blogging friend. His post reminded me of the little things in life I enjoy so much. So here goes:

BLT’s. That’s what I had for breakfast today. I’ve discovered it’s the perfect balance of what I need in a meal. Just enough greasy goodness from the bacon, still the fresh crunch of cripsy lettuce, the lovely flavor of a fresh tomato, and a generous layer of cream cheese to smooth things over. Layer it all on a homemade, Rachel friendly tortilla and it’s a smile-worthy thing indeed.

The sound of a camera shutter. I love it. Every time. Sometimes I take pictures simply to hear that sound.

Sunsets. They amaze me, truly. Though they’re not such a little thing, I suppose, in all their grander.

Surprises. They’re the best right now, honestly (Not like, “Surprise! The dog left you a present on the floor!” but like, “Surprise! Your best friend is here!” or “Surprise! Someone sent you a package!”). One good surprise will make my day… maybe even my week.

Christmas decorations. I’m having trouble taking them down, people. I’m doing it, but it’s painful.

A hot cup of tea. Peppermint tea, please? Spoonful of honey?

The little dance my dog does when she’s excited. It’s seriously adorable. I wonder if she knows how cute she is.

Learning about the history of the English language and literature. Call me what you will, I could read about it all day long. It amazes me. I get excited just talking about it!

Snow. Let it snow and I’m a happy girl.

Putting thoughts into words and seeing them on paper.

Towels fresh out of the dryer. They feel so warm and smell so good. Ahhh yes. That makes me smile.

The cats running through the house, chasing shadows, pouncing on each other, and tumbling across the floor.

Friendship. The whole concept of it. Thank you, Lord, for friendship. (That’s a big one, really).

A hug. You know those days… sometimes you just need a hug. Those put a smile on my face.

Potatoes. Mash ’em, fry ’em, put ’em in a stew. Do you realize how many things you can do with potatoes? It’s amazing. Also, potatoes make french fries… and french fries are the way to this girl’s heart. 😉

The word Razzmatazz. It’s fun to write and fun to say.

Sunshine. There’s no other warmth quite the same and no better way to cheer up a day.

Long lists. They make me feel accomplished. A short list just looks sad and lonely. However, I’ll stop now before this list gets too long and you all die of boredom.

That’s all for now!
Rachel Allison

What are some things that make you smile? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Love reading about all the things that make you smile! What a great idea:) By the way, did you realize that we first connected thought D&B on FaceBook and then I found your WordPress site and you found mine? So fun:)

  2. Joanna Abraham says:

    Things that make me smile? Words. Big words. Unusual words. Seeing friends. Seeing friends smile. The delighted laughter of a small child. Anything clever. A green field that I can run across. Slowly eating something delicious. Finishing a major project. A good book. The smell of a lot of books. A well-crafted sentence. Being in a plane during take-off. Riding in the car in the middle of summer with the windows down. Watching a storm from the warmth and comfort of the living room. The moment when I understand a concept that’s hard to grasp.

  3. xanthuskidd says:

    What is your opinion on brow… Ok. Sorry. I’ll drop the brownie thing. (I may even admit to liking them…) Great list. 🙂

    Yay! Cameras!! 😀 🙂 ^_^ =D =) (^_^) So. Many. Smileys.

  4. Great list, Rachel. I think if you pay attention to almost anything, even a dish when you’re washing it, it brings a smile to your face. Sorry to hear you’ve been through some rough times these last two years.

    • Quite true, np, and well put. 🙂 And thank you for your sympathies. The troubles of the past two years have done much to change me for the better, so though they were very difficult indeed, their is quite the silver lining; I cannot deny that. 🙂

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