The Cousins –

When I was home for Thanksgiving I went on a fun photo shoot with my two little cousins. Of course, anything with them is fun. They’re so silly; they’re always making me laugh. I’m sure you’ll get a smile out of these pictures.


That smile is the sweetest thing!

IMG_0916eI honestly don’t know what they were doing, but it’s cute. hahaIMG_0938e

So cute!IMG_0878e



This was all their own pose. I told them to do whatever they wanted and they did. I love it! It sets up so perfectly and just makes me laugh every time I see it.

IMG_1001eI’m pretty certain this is what he’s gonna look like as an old man. I can just see it. He’ll be the cutest little old man you ever saw.


My heart has officially melted.IMG_1019e

Super stealthy ninjas! Or something like that… 😉IMG_0962e

Super heros!


  1. Joanna Abraham says:

    These are all really good. I just love those wide smiles and crazy grins. There’s nothing quite like the fun of kids being kids.

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