Tea Time On A Snowy Day –


I love snow. If it must be cold outside, give me snow. However, my favorite part of winter is not simply the snow storms, but observing the snow storms from a warm, cozy vantage point with a hot cup of tea. I love to bundle up and venture out with my camera, too, but this morning I was not about to do any such thing. A steaming cup of peppermint tea sounded much more appealing.




  1. iancochrane says:

    Love looking @ snow, preferably from where there’s a nice log fire & a glass of shiraz close by. Beautiful shot though.
    Melbourne is pretty much a coffee place; me generally walking down to the local seaside cafe each day, just to get away from writing for a break.
    I do have a cup of spirol/peppermint tea while writing.

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