Snow and Palm Trees –

Have you ever gotten on a plane in a cold climate and gotten off in a warm one? I haven’t… I’ve never actually been in a plane and I’m not sure if I look forward to or dread finally having that opportunity. But anyway, if I had to imagine what it was like to step into that warm climate after leaving such a cold one, I’d say it’s like walking into a conservatory in the middle of winter. Outside the wind is blowing and the ground is layered with snow, but inside the humidity is up, the palm trees are growing, and you’re hurrying to unwrap all your scarves and layers of coats and sweaters before you overheat. It’s not a bad feeling, actually; the warmth feels good. What’s bad is going back outside after an hour or two of browsing all the lovely greenery… then your body is like, “What cruel trick is this?”



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