Documentation of Cat –

The world outside is still cold and bleak, so I’m stuck inside again when it comes to playtime with my camera. Fortunately I always have my cats for entertainment. And besides, that’s what the internet is all about, right? Pictures of cats?

Anyway, this cat here is a definite attention lover. My mom works from home and he can’t fathom the idea of her actually wanting to use her workspace for anything other than giving him a place to stretch out and get pet. Silly kitty.

IMG_0270e2“Hey there! Look at me! I’m cute… forget about those boring numbers… pet me!!”


IMG_0272e2IMG_0273e2“Hey! Look at my fluffy belly. Don’t you want to pet me?”


“I’m gonna stare at you until you pay attention to me.”

IMG_0279e2“This is hopeless.”


  1. Laura McKelvey says:

    This is exactly what my cat did to me this morning (I think you saw my status on Facebook :D) – he jumped up on the desk and blocked the computer screen. ^_^

  2. That is so true. They do wonder why people want to spend time on things as foolish as paperwork.
    My male cat loves the sound of that printer. Every time he hears that “chug,chug, chug” sound, he rushes over and waits until can see the edge of the paper, and then he yanks it the rest of the way out. He likes to chew on photo paper…that’s his favorite. Both of my cats (male and female) like to sit on my papers and block my computer screen. I posted their photos in a blog named “low-tech computer screen blockers.”
    So, I totally understand. It’s really hard to get anything done around them!!

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