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I don’t care how advanced social media gets or texting or phone calls, nothing beats a handwritten letter. Found this in my mailbox this afternoon; lovely letter from an old friend and now blogging buddy, Beth. <3
IMG_0072eDo you still send/receive handwritten letters?


  1. umashankar says:

    I am ready to cry! Last I received a handwritten missive was when my philatelist friend was promoting launching of a stamp…. Let me see, it was probably 5 years ago! Considering that people haven’t written or received such fortunes for decades, maybe I am lucky!

    • My best friend and I have been letter writing throughout our entire friendship (about 11 years). We don’t do it as often now, but we still do send the occasional letter. I don’t know how it’ll work out, but I hope to never lose the habit of writing letters.

  2. Ashley says:

    Yes, I still send handwritten letters. I don’t believe any social media or email can ever take place of it. And now that the internet is abound, I think it makes “snail mail” even more special when received!

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