Goodmorning, Golden Sunshine –

Mornings like these make me wish I lived in some secluded field of wildflowers and tall grass with a lake nearby and an autumn treeline across the horizon. But alas, I live in the city and there are houses and cars in my background that are hard to work around. And sometimes to get the light shining down on the morning mist in just the right way, I have to make exceptions to my initial desire to keep these things out my shots. Next I get a morning like this I’m taking a walk to the quarry; that will be a simply magical place at golden hour. But for now, here is the magic of this morning’s sunshine and fog from my own back yard.IMG_0459e_blogIMG_0497e_blogIMG_0501e_blogThe ground is already speckled with some crisp, orange leaves. It would seem that fall has indeed arrived. IMG_0513e_blog


    • This comment just blew me away. I love, love, love you. πŸ™‚ Almost ready to sell stuff, just gotta arrange a few more things with my printing buddies and it’s full sail ahead. I’ll let you know when you can order. πŸ˜‰

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