Supporting The Delight House –

is a ministry near and dear to my heart; a place where I’ve been blessed greatly. What is Delight? It’s a community of Christian young ladies, ages 14-20, who are passionate about the creative arts. Our desire is to inspire young women in the creative arts to pursue their God-given talents while also helping them define what it means to be a woman of God. We’re about being real, raw, and relevant. This is a community filled with stories of grace, redemption, and mercy.

At the beginning of this year, Delight was given a home and three acres of land. This home is in need of a great deal of work, but we’re trusting God to provide. As wildfires swept through Washington this summer, plans and fundraising for the Delight house were put on hold.

delightNow progress has begun again and funds are still needed. To celebrate the start of my shop here at Rachel Allison // Artist, I’m selling a series of limited edition prints presented at my graduation party and donating the profits to the Delight House. The results may be small, but every little bit counts. Please help me support this ministry that is so dear to my heart.


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