IMPORTANT: Book Update!

UPDATE AS OF 03/10/2015
The draft copy the new printer sent me looks great and the book is now available for ordering once again! As you will see on the listing, the book price has been raised to $12 due to an increase in printing price. I’m so excited to be able to offer this book to you! Thank you once again your patience and support!

trci_cover_preview_2015-01-15_1Dear Readers, I regret to inform you that the ordering option for The Reality Of Chronic Illness has been removed. This is a temporary situation caused by unforeseen difficulties.

On February 5th I ordered a draft copy of the book so that I might look the print over before submitting the full order. Because of severe weather conditions, I did not receive the draft until today (Feb 20th). Upon inspection the craftsmanship was not what I had anticipated, nor is it the quality product I want to offer you. Consequently,  I need to hire a different printer.

With a new printer will likely come a different price and therefore the price of the book may increase, which is why I have temporarily suspended ordering. In the mean time, I am working as quickly as possible to straighten this out. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated as I navigate this. My first time publishing a book has definitely been a learning experience!

If you have already placed an order you will receive the finished product at the original price listed ($10 + $3.99 shipping). However, a full refund is available if needed. Please contact me with any inquiries.

Rachel Allison

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