18 Realities Of Chronic Illness Explained By Lucy Ricardo

From the perspective of an I Love Lucy loving young woman with chronic illness.

1). Your life moves at a different pace

tumblr_madelxC6Ds1r2dv1fIt’s not unheard of to be pulling yourself out of bed at odd hours and if you get dressed it probably won’t be until after noon. Appointments in the early morning are never a good thing and you need a while to wake up.





2). Yet despite all of the time you spend in bed, you feel like you haven’t slept well in years

tumblr-lme70vzxqu1qbgyx2o1-500-0trwso05l0hhBecause you honestly haven’t…







3). Dark circles are a reality you have to come to terms with

tumblr_lma41esI531qbgyx2o1_500And under-eye concealer is staple in your makeup bag.







4). You’ve grown familiar with the many ways fatigue affects you…

lucyjokeMood swings? Giggle fits over things that really aren’t that funny followed by unexplained tears? Yep.







5). Like when you’re a few steps behind everyone else…

tumblr_muxirdBAXy1qe4w1ko1_250Went to the post office to mail a package the other day. I walked up to the counter, handed over the package, and said, “Media mail, please.” The clerk asked, “Is it just a book in the package then?” and I stared for a second, wondering how they could possibly know I was mailing a book…




6). Or you’re stuck in an existential crisis

tumblr_ndd932yBns1r6sivjo1_500And you just can’t figure out if everything in your life is actually going wrong or you’re just tired.









7). You’ve endured one too many disgusting alternative treatment options

tumblr_mt2s4ub1mv1s3y3xno2_400Like drinking homemade kefir every morning, experimenting with new diets, and taking liquid medications.






8). Invitations are a continual dilemma in your life…

tumblr_lmrbvy9e7e1qbgyx2o1_500Even though the last thing you want is for your friends not to include you.







9). Because you so often have to decline them…

tumblr_lnxtmuAE3p1qbgyx2o1_500And you’re left sitting at home fully aware of all the fun you’re missing.







10). But when you can make it you have a tendency to go all out…

tumblr_m9zqzg2SVY1r2dv1fEven though that takes away valuable energy…






11). Because most days you look like this

18.-Did-I-mention-she-could-ALWAYS-make-you-laughAnd you’re just so tired of not getting dressed up or feeling pretty.







12). But when people tell you how good you look you have mixed emotions…

tumblr_lmr9hfWIuR1qbgyx2o1_500Because what they can’t see is how much harder you have to work just to be present in the midst of feeling miserable and you don’t want them to think that just because you look okay it means you aren’t sick anymore.





13). And you wonder what you’d have to do to look as poorly as you feel…

tumblr_mg0rkwyMjf1qiummuo1_500Only to realize if you looked as poorly as you felt you’d scare every little kid within a mile radius.







14). But you’re thankful that you can still dress up and look “normal”

tumblr_ma1vhz1nxg1qbgyx2o1_500Because you know that if your appearance always gave away how sick you were it would be a frustration of its own.







15). Still, you can’t decide which is your favorite part of an event…













16). Getting all dressed up…











17). Having fun with your friends…











18). Or coming home, putting on your pajamas, and treating yourself to the food you didn’t eat at the party

tumblr_m88p7doMIE1qaifsio1_500Because eating unfamiliar foods during an outing can ruin the whole night by causing unexpected illness, but you know all your safe foods are awaiting you at home along with your favorite pillow and the next episode of your current Netflix show.








    • Robin says:

      So well illustrated! It’s lonely when you are locked behind the glass wall of chronic physical & emotional pain, and your friends and family don’t really “get it.”

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