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This is a requested post from many friends who have pegged me as the ThredUp guru. While I love fashion I’ve never had any desire to be a fashion blogger so you likely won’t see many posts like this in the future. However, I hope you enjoy this one.


I’ve grown up wearing hand-me-downs and second-hand clothes since I can remember. We always had new stuff mixed in with the old, but I was that young girl who typically answered “Goodwill” when someone complimented my outfit and asked where I got it. It didn’t take me long to catch on to the idea that maybe shopping at second-hand stores wasn’t something to be proud of. For a while I truly hoped no one would ask me where I shopped, but as I grew up more and more I realized how ridiculous that was. Where exactly was the shame in shopping smart and saving money? Once I began to develop my own personal style, second-hand stores were a gold mine of budget friendly finds. I started to realize that getting the most out of shopping second-hand was a skill that I should never be ashamed of.

Is there junk to sort through? You bet. Are there things that nobody, nowhere should have ever donated? Hold on, I can’t hear you from behind this puke colored jumpsuit with ruffles and rhinestones. But can I tell you about the wonders of finding a quality clothing item with the tags still on it and paying a small fraction of the original price? It’s one of my favorite feelings.

Which is why I’ve quickly become a ThredUp fan. Unlike spending too much time at the local Goodwill weeding through rejected relics of America’s fashion history, ThredUp gets you to that prize find quickly by eliminating much of the weeding process. It’s like the pay-off of spending hours at Goodwill, but without the extensive work. Um, yes please.

How To Shop Smart On ThredUp
Even with ThredUp there are ways to shop smarter. While their deals alone are pretty great, this girl here likes to hold out for seasonal sales and referral credits because… DEALS! Thanks to their Give $10, Get $10 system I’ve been able to treat myself to some amazing deals just by giving my friends a $10 giftcard for their first ThredUp purchase (Get yours here!). Instead of just splurging for a new closet item whenever I feel like it, I wait to shop until I get an email notification telling me I have free credits in my account. And then it’s like a special little present to myself to break up the monotony of life.

Are There Downsides?
You can’t try on clothes before you buy them, so there’s more of a chance of purchasing something that doesn’t fit. For this reason I stay away from things like jeans or shoes because finding the right fit can be a hassle. When it comes to dresses, they always provide length measurements which is a great help. Thankfully you can make free returns within 30 days with a printable, pre-addressed return label and use your refunded ThredUp credits to find something else. However, if you choose to simply refund your money (instead of getting your refund in ThredUp credits) you do have to pay the return shipping.

They’ve also changed things around a little bit with the $10 gift cards. When I first started with ThredUp the credit balance applied to the entire order, including shipping/handling (which is how I got some orders completely free, as you’ll see below). But now the credit balance only applies to the items ordered and not the shipping/handling fee.

But all in all it’s still one of my favorite places to shop!

So let’s take a look at my ThredUp closet:

thredup dresses
a. | Taylor Cocktail Dress
One of my favorite finds to date is this gorgeous Cocktail dress that came brand new with the tags still on it.
Retail: $89.00
ThredUp: $23.49
Paid: $6.48 (including shipping)

b. | Love 21 Casual Dress
This was the very first item I ordered from ThredUp and it also came with the tags still on it. I ordered it for a friend’s wedding and was so happy when it arrived! The beading detail is gorgeous and the 20’s-inspired cut matches my vintage-loving style. Retail: $34.00
ThredUp: $10.99
Paid: $3.98 (including shipping


Thredup Tops1a. | Mng Blazer
This one is certainly one of my best purchases from ThredUp. It is a great quality blazer that is a wardrobe staple and a deal I couldn’t pass up.
Retail: $54.00
ThredUp: $8.99
Paid: $10.92 (including shipping)

b. | Moda International Short Sleeve Blouse
This is a great top! It pairs fantastically with a nice pair of dark jeans and a nude flat.
Retail: $36.00
ThredUp: $9.49
Paid: $0.00 (including shipping)

ThredUp Tops2

c. | Mimi Chica Long Sleeve Blouse
I love this blouse because it makes a unique statement without being too over-the-top.
Retail: $36.00
ThredUp: $9.49
Paid: $0.00 (including shipping)

d. | American Eagle Outfitters Short Sleeve Top
This is a great top that, sadly, ended up being just a little too big so I handed it over to my mom, who wears it regularly. Thankfully we both look good in purple.
Retail: $24.00
ThredUp: $6.99
Paid: $4.09 (including shipping)

ThredUp Tops3e. | Bellefleur Short Sleeve Blouse
This top is currently on its way to me and I’m very excited about it. I have very high hopes!
Retails: $54.00
ThredUp: $10.49
Paid: $5.99 (including shipping)

f. | Pleione Sleeveless Blouse
This is a great summer/fall top (that has a tendency to show up pink in photos).Retails: $36.00
ThredUp: $9.49
Paid: $0.00 (including shipping)



ThredUp Tops4g. | Forever 21 Sleeveless Blouse
Another great top that plays into my love for lace and also came with the tags still on.
Retail: $17.00
ThredUp: $6.99
Paid: $4.09 (including shipping)

h. | Old Navy Pullover Sweater
I honestly can’t believe I don’t have a photo with me in this top because it’s one of my favorite, go-to pieces. Incredibly comfortable while still being classy, this may actually be my favorite thing I’ve ever gotten from ThredUp. It certainly gets the most wear.
Retail: $30.00
ThredUp: $9.49
Paid: $0.61 (including shipping)

H&M ScarfH & M Scarf
This is one of my favorite scarves (and I have a LOT of scarves)! It matches such a wide variety of outfits and touches down on that Marsala/Maroon note I’ve fallen in love with lately. It’s also incredibly soft.
Retail: $13.00
ThredUp: $4.99
Paid: $0.00 (including shipping)







So there you have it! If you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section below. And if you want to try out ThredUp, follow this link for $10 off your first order!


This post was neither endorsed nor sponsored by ThredUp.

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